Traditions, Togetherness and Time at Home this Holiday Season

Its the time of year for family, dear friends, gatherings, giving and reminiscing on fond memories of celebrations past. While there is much that makes us stop and think back upon this time of year, there is also much to prepare. Many can be found perusing the aisles of the supermarket, bakery, and deli in preparation of their annual feast. Others are browsing online inventories or venturing out to retail stores and shops in hopes of finding the perfect gift for each person on their list. Some are going though old bins and boxes, sifting through an assortment of decorations and traditions.

Aqua Home Care is here to help in-home care recipients relish in the festivities of the season. Providers from our registry bring quality support right to their clients doorstep all year long, including holidays. For many, participating in yearly traditions and being able to spend time at home with family is an important and deeply enjoyable time. Some individuals face conditions that limit their abilities to perform not only daily tasks, but the seasonal ones as well. Arthritis, vision loss, mobility issues, muscle weakness and more can make these tasks less manageable. To help keep special occasions special and continue annual traditions, in-home caregivers offer support by:

  • Providing transportation around town to complete holiday errands
  • Helping clients navigate shopping areas and parking lots safely
  • Assisting with sending holiday cards
  • Using technology to shop online
  • Using social media platforms to communicate with loved ones
  • Accessing bins and boxes that may be difficult to safely remove from shelves
  • Assisting with wrapping gifts
  • Making arrangements with family members
  • Providing companionship 
  • And more

Whether you or your loved one is currently receiving our in-home caregiver referral services or you are considering in-home care in the future, you can rest easy knowing that quality support is available every day, including holidays. As we embrace this season, our Aqua Home Care team wishes everyone safety, wellness, togetherness and joy. 


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