Aging and Nutritional Deficiencies

Quality living is a well sought-after experience. While its components may vary from person to person, there are commonalities. One key standard includes maintaining good health. When this is compromised, there can be a noticeable difference in the way our bodies function on a daily basis. Nutritional wellness plays a major role when it comes to health. This is true for every age group, though poor nutrition way affect individuals differently as the years go by. The aging process causes may bodily changes, and as time passes more may be required to avoid nutritional deficiencies. 

Here at Aqua Home Care, we would like to share some tips for staying on top of your nutrition to ensure your body is receiving all that it needs to stay in its best form for as long as possible. 

  • Speak with your doctor – Your doctor knows your medical history and nutritional needs depend on a variety of factors. Keeping regular appointments can ensure proper monitoring of conditions and symptoms that may arise from poor nutrition and more.
  • Speak with a nutritionist – A nutritionist specializes in helping people understand how different foods affect the body and the reasons why. They can help with creating meal plans based on personal need. A geriatric dietician nutritionist specializes in senior nutrition and can provide valuable information for their aging clients. Your doctor may be able to make a referral.
  • Maintain proper nutrition – Knowing what your body needs to stay well is powerful. Proper nutrition has an immense impact on overall health. Using this knowledge for the betterment of your health is an investment in your present and in your future.

In addition to being prone to nutritional deficiencies and finding ways to manage them, aging can lead to possibly requiring further forms of support. Here at Aqua Home Care, we refer trusted in-home caregivers from our reputable registry who offer a wide variety of personal care services right in the comfort of their client’s home. Caregivers are available to provide services that are also geared toward helping maintain healthy living for quality living. When it comes to nutritional wellness, services can include:

  • Meal preparation
  • Feeding assistance
  • Assistance with grocery shopping
  • Transportation to appointments

Doing what we can to prolong vitality and good health relies heavily on what we put into our bodies. Eating well and ensuring that the proper amount of vitamins and minerals find their way onto our plates and into our systems is monumental for our health. 

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