Daily Motions: Managing Movement with Mobility Support

Movement is part of daily life, whether its simple maneuverings or more involved motions. Walking steadily, reaching for objects safely, and standing and sitting stably are all common gross motor movements that can be impeded by certain conditions and mobility limitations. Mobility aids are often used in situations where range of motion is compromised to support these movements in a way that is safe and secure. In circumstances where daily living care is necessary, trusted caregivers are here to offer quality services along with mobility assistance.

With a registry of compassionate providers, our Aqua Home Care team mindfully matches each individual with a caregiver best suited to meeting their everyday needs. As much of the day’s routines require range of motion, having a helping hand nearby to offer steady support can make a world of difference. Safety, comfortability and wellness are top priorities, and trusted caregivers we refer go above and beyond to ensure this for their clients. With experience, skill and compassion, daily living routines are carried out and personal care needs are met with a guiding presence. Services that support safe maneuverings at home and outdoors include:

  • Support with standing up and sitting down
  • Assistance with mobility aids
  • Reaching for needed items
  • Ensuring walkways are free from clutter and tripping hazards
  • Grasping and opening door handles, lids and boxes
  • Support with laying down and rising out of bed
  • Assistance while using the facilities and while showering/bathing
  • Assistance with grooming and hygienic routines
  • Meal preparation/feeding assistance
  • Transportation, including assistance getting in and out of the vehicle
  • Steady guidance while walking
  • Guidance through crowded stores and parking lots

Move through your day with quality care. Our team members are here to make daily living more manageable with steady support and outstanding services around the clock. A highly-regarded and highly-sought name in the in-home care industry, we at Aqua Home Care maintain 24/7 reachability so that we can be there every step of the way.


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