Eating Right and Staying Sharp

It is no secret that eating healthy provides numerous benefits for your body. When it comes to weight management, heart health and energy levels, skipping sugary snacks and foregoing high calorie meals is a step in the right direction. While it is absolutely important to get the proper nutrition that will tend to these health issues, they aren’t the only factors that play a part when it comes to staying healthy. Many tend to forget about the complex powerhouse that is responsible and essential for keeping all bodily functions functioning properly. Our brains make it possible for us to keep thinking, learning, remembering, growing, moving and feeling. From the blinking of our eyes right down to the pumping of our hearts, each voluntary and involuntary movement is made possible by this vital organ.

While our brains aren’t always at the forefront of our thoughts, they sure do deserve a lot of credit. It takes a great deal to keep these control centers up and running, and, as we age, systems may not run as efficiently as they once had in the past. Still, there are ways you can help maintain and prolong optimal performance simply by choosing foods that promote a healthy brain. Such healthy choices include:

  • Wholegrains – contains glucose which provides the energy needed to keep our brains running properly
  • Blueberries – can improve memory
  • Salmon – contains omega 3 fats which are said to help manage stress and aid in the production of the chemical serotonin
  • Pumpkin Seeds – enhances memory and thinking skills
  • Broccoli – contains vitamin K and improves cognitive function
  • Tomatoes – contains an antioxidant that may help prevent the damaging of brain cells that leads to dementia

Getting proper nutrition can do so much more for your health than just help you maintain your physique. Eating right feeds your brain the vitamins and minerals it needs to run smoothly and stay sharp. Our brains play a crucial role in keeping us alive and well. Taking steps to preserve brain health and wellbeing with foods rich in nutrients can be a simple act that helps in a big way.


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