Keeping Your Pet Close with In-Home Care

The joy a pet brings into a home is often felt through the laughter brought on by their silliness, the calm of their presence and the warmth of their unconditional love. Pets who are loved so deeply in return often spend all or most of their lives with their owners. For many, pets are considered family and the mere thought of parting ways can be quite distressing. Sometimes, however, circumstances may change in a way that impacts everyday living. A significant disruption in one’s life can pose a disruption for a pet as well. When illness, injury, condition or the effects of aging make independent living less manageable, services are often sought. For those who move into a facility to receive care, packing bags can also mean saying goodbye to both familiar surroundings and cherished pets.

Pets give so much to their owners, though they require a great deal of care themselves. Bending down to clean up after a pet, handling bags of food/opening cans, letting a pet out to relieve themselves in a timely manner, driving pets to appointments and more can be very involved when limitations are present. Here at Aqua Home Care, we understand the significance of the space a beloved pet holds in the heart of their owner. We also understand the positive impact a pet can have on a person’s mood and mental state. Our team helps individuals stay in the comfort of home while they receive quality support, and we also assist with concerns about caring for pets.

Trusted caregivers from our registry are available to assist their clients with a wide array of personal care needs. Should assistance also be needed in the area of pet care, services can be arranged. Basic pet care can include:

  • Handling/opening bags or cans of food
  • Filling food and water bowls
  • Cleaning up after messes
  • Letting the pet out to relieve themselves
  • Transporting client and pet to vet appointments
  • Accompanying client in the pet store

Pets hold a special place in the hearts of their owners, and caring for them is an important task. Should everyday living routines be difficult to complete for yourself and your pet, Aqua Home Care can help. We mindfully match caregivers with clients according to needs, personality and schedule. Should basic pet assistance be needed along with in-home care, services are available. With quality support at your doorstep, you and your pet can stay in the comfort of home.



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