Mindfulness Under the Sun

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Throughout the month of July, focus is placed more directly on spreading awareness of ultraviolet rays and its effects. Especially here in the Sunshine State, activities under the sun can be enjoyed all year long. Our expansive coastlines, mild winters, local attractions and tropical climate allow for ample time outdoors. With some indoor activities and populated attractions still limited/being avoided due to the pandemic, many are opting to be in outside spaces. Spending so much time under rays of sunshine does require some preparation. With skin being the largest, and potentially most exposed, organ on the human body, it is widely known that protecting it from UV ray damage is vital. Eyes, on the other hand, may not be given as much attention when it comes to protection. The prevalence of harmful UV ray exposure increases when closer to the equator, and, as we reside in one of the more southern locations in the country here on the Treasure Coast, taking precautions should be part of everyday life.

Keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe under the sun can aid in avoiding dangers caused by overexposure. For those needing assistance with daily living, self-care when in the sun may be more difficult. Aqua Home Care remains mindful to the importance of sun safety and finds mindful caregivers for those requiring in-home care services. Individuals who receive in-home care benefit from having a trusted care professional within their own home to ensure comfort and well-being. This service can extend outside the home and under the sun as well. Implementing UV protection tips can help prevent sunburn, skin cancer, premature aging, skin damage, eye damage and cataracts. Caregivers can help their clients by helping with/offering reminders regarding the following sun safety tips while outdoors:

  • Wear sunscreen
  • Utilize sunglasses/sunhats
  • Wear sun-blocking attire – longer sleeves/pants and darker clothing when possible
  • Limit sun exposure, especially between the hours of 10am and 4pm
  • Move to shaded areas
  • Be mindful of medications that can make skin more sensitive to the sun
  • Further, keep regular appointments with the dermatologist and ophthalmologist. Caregivers can provide transportation if needed.

Putting safety strategies into practice is part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is important to remember that even on cloudy days UV rays can pose a risk. Aqua Home Care wishes everyone in our community a safe summer of fun in the sun. For in-home care clients needing assistance to stay safe outdoors, we are happy to find mindful, trusted caregivers who can offer their support indoors and outdoors. Living in an almost year-round summer environment can seem like paradise. Practicing safety tips can help living under the sun continue to feel like one.

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