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If it wasn’t fully appreciated before, we as a society understand now more than ever the importance of hygienic practices for healthy living. Personal hygiene such as hand washing and preventative measures such as distancing and mask wearing are still in the spotlight, though our own surroundings can play a role in wellness, too. Piling dishes in the sink, dust and pet hair on tabletops and in corners, contaminated surfaces, mold build-up as well as not maintaining personal hygiene can all contribute to not only unpleasant living, but poor health. Here at Aqua Home Care, we are mindful that germs and bacteria can form and spread anywhere in our homes and affect our pets, families and our own bodies. We refer trusted in-home caregivers who provide a multitude of services to their clients, helping to make sure those in their care stay hygienic and are living in clean surroundings. From tending to personal care needs to preforming household tasks to calling for home maintenance services, caregivers are able to provide support for their clients and the surroundings in which they live. Some common risks that may arise from untidy conditions include:

  • Increased risk for asthma attacks or allergic reactions – dust, dirt and pet hair tend to pile up in corners and blanket surfaces. Those sensitive to these and other build-ups may experience mild to severe reactions.
  • Exposure to mold and mildew – these perpetrators thrive in damp conditions and commonly form in bathrooms, though they can form anywhere in your home (especially with Florida’s tropical climate). Leaky pipes and unmaintained air conditioning can have you or your loved one seeing mold on the walls and breathing in unsafe particles.
  • Infections and illness – when our surroundings are unkempt germs and bacteria can spread to our bodies, especially from frequently touched surfaces.
  • Lack of personal hygiene – bathing or showering regularly, hand washing, changing wound dressings, cleaning up after using the facilities, teeth brushing, nail clipping and putting on clean clothes isn’t always a maintainable routine for some individuals. Inability to perform these tasks may result in infection, illness and poor physical and mental well-being.

Many individuals find themselves cleaning, disinfecting and washing everyday. For some, however, daily house cleaning and personal care can be difficult to manage regularly. Those facing memory loss due to Alzheimer’s or dementia are most at risk for not remembering to complete these tasks or noticing when something needs cleaning. Others suffering from physical limitations or injuries may simply not be able to complete these tasks alone. Aqua Home Care knows how essential household and personal cleanliness is to keeping you functioning at optimal levels. This is why we find care professionals who provide their clients with services that ensure cleaner living for quality living.

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