Care and Companionship during Admission

While there are those who have been able to steer clear of hospital stays and care facilities, being admitted isn’t always avoidable. Admission follows a matter pressing enough to warrant medical attention over a period of time, so, while not always pleasant, it can be the best option. Whether a procedure is needed, an illness arises or an injury occurs, some duration of observance may be necessary. This experience can bring about a range of emotions, some of which can be especially troubling for those going through it alone. For those without loved ones nearby, concern can set in on both sides: the individual who has to endure the experience and the family who worries about their loved one being without support. Even in these situations, however, there can be peace of mind thanks to the availability of trusted caregivers.

Here at Aqua Home Care, we refer in-home caregivers who provide personal daily living care services. While care typically takes place in their client’s home, caregivers can continue providing support beyond those walls. When admission is necessary, caregivers can be there to offer services that aim to make their client feel more comfortable and at ease. Even if in-home care is not currently being received, our team can find a trusted caregiver who can be there to provide:

  • Companionship – talking, listening, reading, playing games, or simply being present
  • Advocacy – making their client’s needs known, writing down and reporting information to family
  • Care – up to 24/7 personal assistance

When it comes to stays in the hospital or in a care facility, it can help to have someone nearby who is truly there for you. Our Aqua Home Care team takes pride in finding caregivers best suited for each individual, and families can rest more easily knowing their loved one is in good hands. Using our trusted resources, we will find the support needed where it is needed. For companionship, advocacy and care, please contact our Aqua Home Care team today. The care you need, whether at home or away, is only a phone call away.


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Dottie Russell
The Villages

We had a wonderful care giver his name was Bryan. He has great with my partner. He was a very hard worker. Bob in joyed his jokes

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