Getting Personal: Dignified Care at Home


There is a sense of joy and pride that can be felt when providing for and caring for our loved ones. Being able to ensure that those who are near and dear to us remain safe, comfortable and well can be one of life’s greatest accomplishments. However, there may come a time when such support must be received rather than given. Transitioning from being the one who has always done for others to someone who needs daily support can be difficult. A transition such as this can come about gradually due to a medical condition or the effects of time on the human body. It may even seem to come about all at once due to injury or illness. Either way, going from complete independent living to requiring part-time, full-time or live-in care can be quite an adjustment. Even more so, feelings of apprehension can arise when relying on loved ones to assist with daily needs, especially when those needs are personal.

Preserving a sense of dignity might not feel easy to maintain when relatives are called upon to provide consistent, daily care. You may be seeking aid for the more intimate routines you would rather keep separate from family. Whether you are seeking temporary care for only a short time or something more permanent, Aqua Home Care is here to help with our reputable registry of professional caregivers who offer services tailored to meet your needs. To help ease the stress of finding someone who will be there from the waking hours of the day to nightly routines or longer, our team mindfully matches each individual with a trusted, compassionate in-home-caregiver based on personality and personal care needs. Your caregiver can help you complete the personal care routines you might not feel comfortable having a family member experience. Such services can include:

Getting dressed and undressed


Using the facilities

Showering and bathing


Changing and washing linens

Other hygienic needs

Maintaining a sense of dignity and self-esteem is essential when it comes to quality of life. If you have concerns with family members providing personal care and do not wish to leave your home to receive care, consider letting our Aqua Home Care team match you with a competent, skilled and professional caregiver within the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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