Making it Through by Doing our Part


We are experiencing a time where, globally, businesses, schools, beaches and other social gathering places are being temporarily shut down. Hospitals are seeing an increase in patients and the CDC is urging everyone to be proactive with preventative practices. Terms such as “social distancing” and “essential workers/activities” have become commonplace in the wake of this pandemic. People are left to wonder when the lock downs will be lifted and stay-at-home orders withdrawn. Understandably, there is a yearning for everything to return to normal. Many are longing to be able to venture out into the world again without fear. These are unprecedented circumstances and there have been countless hardships endured and sacrifices made. When the only way out is through, we must, collectively, do all that we can to make getting through possible.

Here at Aqua Home Care, we can certainly sympathize with our fellow Floridians and citizens of the world as we are all in this and going through this together. While there is much that we can’t control, there are things we can do to help. We must do our part to keep ourselves and others safe, following guidelines and protocols that have been put into place to protect health and well-being. Part of this is saving outings for essential purposes and keeping a six foot distance at all times. Routinely washing hands and keeping areas sanitized are also recommended. Our team is doing all that we can by steadfastly following protocol and practices that limits risk and promotes wellness. We continue to help individuals requiring daily living care receive support at home from trusted caregivers. Many in-home care recipients are at a higher risk for serious complications should the virus be contracted, and staying home while receiving care is a beneficial option.

Together, we will get through this. While there is always going to be news of negativity, we have seen neighbors helping neighbors, strangers helping strangers and individuals respectfully and purposefully doing what they can to limit exposure to themselves and to those around them. Our communities are filled with those willing to help. It is when we share in the responsibility to slow the spread that we will be able to stop the spread. We sincerely thank those putting themselves on the front lines so that we may gather essential items and receive essential services. Thank you to all doing their part. At Aqua Home Care, we promise to continue doing ours.

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