Easter Greetings

The morning sky glows intermittently through gathered clouds. Every now and then streams of light pierce through the curtains in between the gray, moving mask. It has been predicted that there may be storms today, but underneath it all the sun still faithfully shines. Easter morning has arrived, and even though we are experiencing a time where some traditions may have to be adjusted, like that sky there is still hope and joy beneath the surface.

Here at Aqua Home Care, we would like to wish everyone in our community and beyond who are celebrating today a Happy Easter. We understand that this year has brought some unprecedented circumstances, and we share in the feelings of concern that have been felt over these past few months. Much of life has been interrupted, including anticipated events, enjoyed outings, routine activities and, now, cherished traditions. For some, these traditions may include going to houses of worship, gathering with friends and family, or traveling to the homes of relatives or vacation destinations. Other traditions may involve participating in group egg hunts, dining at restaurants featuring Easter specials or conversing around the table over a large family feast. Though it may not be the same, many have been able to find ways to modify these customs and enjoy them nonetheless. We are continually impressed with the perseverance and the strength in spirit shown even through sacrifice.

We truly hope this joyous day finds you well and that, somehow, you are able to celebrate in a way that feels right in your heart. Our Aqua Home Care team continues to be available for those who are utilizing our in-home care referral services to ensure that they, too, are feeling well and well-cared for today and beyond. To our neighbors, our community, our fellow Florida residents, and our fellow citizens of the world, we wish you health and happiness on this morning and always.

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