Aging and Safe Driving: Older Driver Safety Awareness Week

It’s Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, and during this time an emphasis is placed on the importance of safe driving for aging adults. Aging impacts key factors that play a vital role in one’s ability to get behind the wheel. As the years go by, senses of hearing and vision, movement and range of motion, and reaction speed can weaken. Experiencing any one or combination of these changes can make operating a vehicle more difficult. Additionally, some health conditions can also contribute to making driving a less safe task. Taking certain medications may also interfere, leading to hindrances in driving ability. All drivers must meet state requirements in order to maintain their license, and sometimes there are ways to maintain one despite challenges. In some cases, however, driving may not be recommended, or allowed, when requirements are unable to be met.

Safety remains a top priority here at Aqua Home Care. Our team refers trusted providers who assist their clients with activities of daily living, and many benefit from having transportation added to their care plan. This option enables caregivers to help their clients do many of the things they are used to doing, all while in the care of a trained professional. Running errands, grocery shopping, doctor’s visits and more are made easier with a reliable caregiver who will drive and accompany their client.

When it comes to safe driving, it is important to report any concerns you may have for yourself or for your loved one. A doctor may be able to help avoid loss of driving privileges by proactively treating conditions that can affect driving ability. Aging can impact key areas needed to drive efficiently, and it is imperative to be mindful of any changes that can make it unsafe for you or others to get behind the wheel. The Department of Motor Vehicles will determine eligibility for license renewal. For those who may not require daily living care but are unable to drive, there are options. Public transportation or other reliable transportation services are used by many who, for one reason or another, are not able to operate a vehicle.

Remember, it is important for the safety of all drivers and their passengers to avoid driving under any circumstances that would deem you unable to do so safely. Seeking care from your doctor may help. Whether driving near or far, we at Aqua Home Care would like to wish everyone safe travels now and always. 


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