Giving Thanks: Reflections and Gratitude from Aqua Home Care

We hope this past Thanksgiving brought familiar comforts and warmth to you and your home. Gathering around the table, partaking in grand feasts, reminiscing with loved ones and everyone sharing what it is they thankful for are fond annual traditions. As we continue to reflect on gratitude, Aqua Home Care would like to give special thanks to all involved in fulfilling our mission for quality support at home. 

To in-home care providers – Words can hardly express what your support means to those in your care and the positive impacts you have on their lives. Thank you for showing up each day to provide the services your clients need for daily living. Even more so, you make your clients feel at peace with your companionship, compassion and commitment. Thank you for the time, the energy, and the dedication it takes to do what you do in a way that shows your knowledge, skill and heart. Thank you for standing by when you are needed most.

To in-home care recipients – Thank you for choosing Aqua Home Care and our caregiver referral services. We do not take lightly the trust that is placed in our team as  you invite us into your homes and into your lives. It is our pleasure to be part of your journey toward a positive in-home care experience. We continue our commitment to you in ensuring quality support and maintaining 24/7 reachability now and always.

To families of in-home care recipients – Thank you for the trust and confidence you place in our company and in the caregivers we refer. Your loved ones are in good hands, and we are dedicated to bringing them, and you, peace of mind.

To our team members – Thank you for your unwavering dedication to serving those seeking quality support at home. The time, effort and mindfulness you put forth in order to bring trusted caregivers into the lives of those who need them most is invaluable. Thank you for helping us grow as we expand office locations, for helping us reach out through our hosted events, and thank you for your commitment to our team, to our mission and to all who are receiving and seeking our support.

To the communities we serve – Thank you for your continued support throughout the years. We look forward to growing with you, participating in events with you and providing those in the community who need care at home with the quality support they deserve. We are proud to have been able to expand our reach through opening new office locations with area case managers. Our list of counties we serve has grown, and we look forward to adding to that list and reaching more communities. Thank you for trusting and welcoming Aqua Home Care.

With deep gratitude, we thank all who have supported and continue to support our mission for quality, compassionate care.


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