Stay Close with Care at Home

When you have spent most of your life, or even a few cherished years, living with someone you dearly love it can be hard to imagine living apart. While there are aspects of life that can be controlled, circumstances may arise that slightly shift or entirely change day-to-day living. Some of these changes may impact living situations when personal care needs can no longer be tended to independently. While there are live-in care facilities, some individuals prefer to stay right where they already are with their loved ones. In these cases, care can be received at home. Providing daily support for a loved one can understandably be a monumental task, and seeking in-home care services from a professional source can make all the difference.

When in-home care is needed, our Aqua Home Care team is here to help. We understand the desire and the value in staying near loved ones and what that can do for a person’s overall wellbeing. Familiar surroundings and familiar faces can feel so reassuring in the midst of change. In-home caregivers from our registry provide quality care that is tailored to each individual client. The person you welcome into your home will be there to get to know you, tend to specific care needs and ensure comfort and safety at all times. Families benefit from peace of mind knowing that their loved one is both near and in compassionate, capable hands. Whether temporary or more permanent, trusted support can be provided:

  • Short-term or long-term
  • Part-time or full-time
  • Specific hours of the day
  • Nightly hours
  • On a live-in basis

A loved one receiving care at home allows for more time spent together in a house that holds history, memories and love. When a life change can mean a change of address, there are options available. Allow our team at Aqua Home Care to be your guide as we put you on the path that leads you right back home. If you or your loved one would benefit from daily living care, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Aqua Home Care is here to help you stay comfortable, stay safe, stay home and stay close.

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Michele Green
Vero Beach

Aqua Home Care employs great office staff whom are very responsive.
I had a great experience.

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