Up to 24 Hours a Day: Considerations when Arranging Your Care Needs Schedule

Once you have determined that in-home care would be a beneficial part of your or your loved one’s life, our Aqua Home Care team is here to guide you toward a positive care experience. We specialize in assessing care needs, developing tailored care plans, referring trusted providers, reviewing insurance documents, and more. Caregivers are referred from our reputable registry based on care and scheduling needs as well as compatibility, and they offer a variety of services that enhance daily living for their clients. Availability ranges from specific hours in a day all the way to around-the-clock care. One of the first aspects to consider is how much care you may need and when those services should be provided. To help you decide between the following options, we would like to offer these considerations:

Part-time care:

 Care is only needed for a certain amount of time, whether for a few hours a day or only on specific days

 A family member is typically available to come over when the caregiver is not required

 You may be living with family who can provide care, but need a caregiver when they must work, travel or have other obligations

 You may be able to perform some daily personal care routines independently, though need help or supervision with others

Full-time care:

 Daily support is required

 You may live alone or with others, but assistance is still necessary for a large portion of the day

 Support is needed to complete most or all daily personal care routines

Live-in care

 Care is needed throughout the day with minimal or no support required at night

 Family members may live far away or may be unable to provide care

 Support is necessary to complete all daily personal care routines

 A private room (required) is available in your home for your caregiver

24 Hour Care

 Care and supervision is needed consistently throughout the day and night

 Alzheimer’s, dementia, or cognitive impairment may be impacting all aspects of daily living

 Caregivers cover rotating shifts so that someone is always present

 A caregiver is needed throughout the night to assist with using the facilities, getting in and out of bed, providing medication reminders, etc.

When determining how much in-home care is right for you or your loved one, our team is here to help. We also suggest sitting down with your family and with your doctor to discuss their recommendations and concerns. As always, we are here to listen, assess and discuss options to help arrange your schedule. Whether you choose part-time, full-time, live-in or 24 hour care, our Aqua Home Care team will find compassionate, reliable, quality support tailored to your needs and schedule.


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