Dependable Sources: Invaluable Information from In-Home Caregivers


The thought of entrusting the safety, comfort, and well-being of someone you love to another person may feel strange at first. Without a doubt, you want to be sure that the individual providing such support is caring, effective and pays attention to the needs of your loved one. That’s why it is so important to select the right caregiver for the task while also staying up-to-date with the care your loved one is receiving. Asking specific questions every now and again can help you stay informed. Doing so can also serve to guide you in future decision making.

Here at Aqua Home Care, we specialize in matching clients with trusted caregivers from our reputable registry. We base each pairing on needs, availability, and personality in order to create a positive, comfortable in-home care experience. Even caregivers and their clients have started their journey, we check in to ensure client satisfaction. We encourage families to ask questions to ensure satisfaction as well. Many families wish to familiarize themselves with their loved one’s everyday care routines and stay up-to-date regarding any changes. If any changes need to be made to a care plan, we update accordingly. Below is a list of questions that may be beneficial to ask in regards to loved ones who are receiving in-home care:

  • Have you noticed and changes in mood or behavior?
  • Have you noticed any increases or decreases in physical ability?
  • Is food being consumed regularly? Have there been any changes in appetite?
  • Does my loved one share things with you or do they seem withdrawn?
  • How independent/dependent are they throughout the day?
  • Have you noticed any side effects after they take their medications?
  • Are they communicating their needs with you?
  • Are they accepting of the support they are receiving?
  • Do you have any suggestions as we move forward?

Caregivers spend anywhere from hours to full days with their clients. Due to this, they are able to observe and differentiate the usual from the unusual. Strong bonds are formed with those they care for and they can be excellent sources of information. While this information should not be replaced by the medical opinions and findings of your loved one’s doctor, it can be useful knowledge to have at appointments. This information can also let you know when it may be time to schedule an appointment. You may not always be able to be there to provide the care your loved one needs, but with Aqua Home Care you can put your mind at ease knowing they are in capable, caring hands. We stay involved long after individuals are matched with their caregivers and we encourage open discussions to ensure peaceful, productive pairings. Asking questions and staying informed can help give your loved one the in-home care experience they need and deserve.

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