Staying Connected to Loved Ones


That feeling of closeness with those we love is incomparable. Simply being near someone dear can boost our moods and elevate our spirits. When the weight of the world bears down, its the ones we turn to most who can make it seem lighter. Unfortunately for many, times have changed. While temporary, that togetherness is greatly missed and the feeling replaced by its loss is almost palpable. Thankfully, there are ways to stay connected.

We at Aqua Home Care share in the desire to be with our loved ones. We are also missing family get-togethers, outings with dear friends and the nonchalance we once had when sharing space with others. Since necessary precautions have been taken and changes have been made due to the pandemic, many are relying on social platforms to keep in touch. While this may be second-nature for some, we understand that not everyone is accustomed to using these mediums.

In-home caregivers are able to assist their clients in so many ways and, during this time, their guidance goes even further as they help those they care for stay connected with their loved ones. Grandparents are able to see and hear their grandchildren, lifetime friends are able to speak “face-to-face” and family who would have visited are able to do so virtually. The innate need for social interaction can still, to an extent, be fulfilled, even if it is through a screen.

The support shown between neighbors, throughout the communities and across the globe brings hope that we will get through this. Staying connected with loved ones is one way we can make the everyday brighter. In-home care recipients are able to stay safe at home and, with help from their trusted caregivers, are also able to reach out and have those they love reach in. Caregivers play an invaluable role in the lives of their clients. In a time where it feels as if so much has been taken, we can still have each other.

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