Stronger Together: Staying Safe Indoors with In-Home Care

We are living in a time of stay-at-home orders, closures, health disturbances and uncertainty. Families are unable to gather as before, communication is largely accomplished through social media platforms, and contact with others is kept at a distance. Through these circumstances it can be helpful to have someone you can talk to and turn to should you yourself need assistance. For those households that contain multiple people, direct socialization and care for one another remains as usual, allowing for some semblance of normalcy. However, there are those who live alone and require daily living care. For these individuals, having an in-home caregiver offers benefits that, during times like these, expand to cover concerns held in the reality of today.

Our Aqua Home Care team continues to see to it that those requiring everyday living services are able to find the care they need. We also continue to manage the individual cases of those who are already in-home care recipients. Caregivers we have referred are still providing exceptional care to their clients, helping them complete personal care routines and maintain quality of life. Having someone nearby during these unprecedented circumstances can offer so much. Along with the high-standard care that their clients are accustomed to, in-home caregivers are providing services that have become especially essential, including:

  • Security – In-home caregivers are able to remain with their clients as they are essential. They continue to be there at a time when they are needed most. Many in-home care clients are in the high-risk category, and their caregivers continue to do all that they can for their well-being.
  • Safety – Caregivers help ensure that their clients are able to follow the recommended CDC guidelines as well as follow the guidelines themselves. They provide assistance with bathing/showering and offer reminders in regards to hand washing. They also take the time to disinfect surfaces and launder linens to promote a cleanly living environment.
  • Socialization – Isolation can truly be lonely, especially for those living alone. In-home caregivers continue to listen, communicate and converse with their clients. This helps support mental and emotional well-being.
  • Supervision – Monitoring their clients for signs of illness and proactively preventing wandering continue to be invaluable during this pandemic.

With stay-at-home orders in place, it helps to have someone looking out for safety when conditions can make it difficult to do so alone. In-home caregivers are in this together with their clients. They work hard to keep those in their care safe and their homes safe as well. We at Aqua Home Care offer our sincere thanks and gratitude for remaining on the front lines and doing everything to care for those who need it most. Your support is not unnoticed and your dedication is truly appreciated as you help clients feel secure at home and ensure that they are not alone.



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