Shared Daily Activities and In-Home Care: Strong Bonds and Positive In-Home Care Experiences


Being of service to those in need is a calling compassionate hearts tend to answer. Offering support necessary for daily living to individuals who need it most can be a very fulfilling and rewarding experience, and having a skillset and mindset conducive for providing quality care is imperative. When those requiring assistance with activities of daily living are partnered with caregivers who are truly committed, trustworthy, sincere and efficient, special bonds can form and flourish. Whether providing services or receiving them from someone with genuine concern, the relationship between client and caregiver grows strong when built on a solid foundation.

With strong foundations in mind, our Aqua Home Care team mindfully refers caregivers from our registry. Coming from highly-trained backgrounds and experience along with dedication to providing quality care, each provider we refer is matched with a client based on needs and compatibility. With thorough consideration, we hand-select providers that complement a client’s tailored care plan, and often in-person meetings are scheduled beforehand to ensure a positive in-home care experience. It has brought us great joy over the years to see these strong bonds form between caregivers and their clients. We find that companionship between each pairing grows stronger through a combination of trusted support and shared daily activities, including:

  • Playing cards/board games
  • Reading
  • Conversing
  • Sharing stories
  • Discussing movies and interests
  • Learning about each other’s backgrounds
  • Listening
  • And more

The relationship that grows between in-home care recipients and those who answer the call to be of service is a bond that happens gradually, yet naturally, especially when partnerships are created with special consideration. Here at Aqua Home Care, we believe in feeling comfortable in your own home, and that includes being comfortable with those sharing space for any period of time. Our commitment to the comfort and wellbeing of all seeking care services is unending, and mindful pairings are made in order to uphold our commitment. At Aqua Home Care, being matched with a personal caregiver is just the beginning. Bonds built on trust, mutual respect and companionship develop more and more each day.

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