Still Having Fun: Modifying Games for Continued Enjoyment


Some of our favorite pastimes are centered around spending quality time with those we cherish. Whether we remember evenings spent chatting around the dinner table, taking walks through the neighborhood or moments spent celebrating various milestones, our loved ones are very often part of our happiest of memories. One form of quality time many families have shared are playing board games, cards, charades, and more. Some families may even have adopted the tradition of family game night, bringing laughter and entertainment right within their own home. Whether or not game night was a weekly ritual, many still fondly remember their favorite childhood games and how they gathered everyone together.

As the years go by, certain daily tasks may become more difficult, along with recreational ones as well. Age related or medical and health related issues may arise, making once enjoyable activities more challenging. Vision impairment and fine motor limitations can decrease the playability of specific games. Aqua Home Care wants all individuals to be able to enjoy life to the fullest, including spending time with loved ones and sharing in the entertainment of their favorite games. We would like to share some tips for continuing the fun, despite specific limitations. Many games are now made with modifications and accommodations to meet the needs of a wider audience. Such examples include:

  • Bingo
    • Large print game cards – Letters and numbers appear in bolder, larger print making them easier to decipher.
    • Shutter options – Rather than marking a number with a chip, players can move a built-in shutter down over the number requiring less fine motor precision.
  • Card games
    • Large print – Many card games are now created in larger, bolder print as well as in Braille.
    • Card holders – Place holders allow the player to display their cards upright on a stand with one or more rows so they may see them all at once and select a card without shuffling through.
    • Egg cartons – One easy accommodation you can use at home for those with fine motor limitations is to use an upside down empty egg carton when playing card games. Place this tool in front of the payer so they may use the raised portions of the carton as a card holder. They will be able to see their cards all at once rather than holding and flipping through multiple cards. You can even cut a slit in each raised portion of the upside down carton and place a card in each.


  • Board games
    • Large print models – Companies manufacture many board game favorites, including Scrabble and Monopoly, using color variants and larger print to aid those with difficulty seeing and reading the print.
    • Braille – Many games can now be purchased in Braille as well for those with vision loss.
  • Dominos
    • Domino rack – This added feature allows the player to place their dominoes upright in a way they can easily see and manipulate.
    • Raised dots – This feature allows the player to feel the number depicted on the domino when vision is compromised.
    • Larger dominos – Pieces are larger, sometimes as large as one’s hand, so that they may be easily placed, grasped and handled.
  • Giant dice – Great for any game that requires the use of dice. Various sized dice can be purchased to make rolling and seeing the dots easier. Some include dots that are raised as well. They are available in both hard and soft form depending on preference.

Though certain limitations may emerge, games are a pastime that can continue to be played with the right modifications and accommodations. Whether playing with a family member, friend, or even your in-home caretaker, Aqua Home Care wants you to enjoy playing and having fun as you always have.


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