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Easter Greetings from Aqua Home Care

Easter traditions are well underway this Sunday morning. Gatherings at sunrise services, siftings through treat-filled baskets, and embarkments on yearly egg hunts are taking place. Other long-standing traditions will have many preparing grand meals and others dining at restaurants that feature brunch and dinner specials, all while conversing around the table over a large family […]

Always a Priority: Personal Caregivers and One-On-One Care

Activities of Daily Living

When you’ve spent most of your life seeing to your own needs and completing your own everyday routines, its no surprise that you’re used to having those needs met on your own time. Whether waking up in the morning and feeling ready to get out of bed, taking a relaxing shower, preparing meals when hungry, […]

The Comfort of Companionship with Care at Home

Simply being in good company can bring so much comfort. Whether conversing about the day-to-day, sharing a recently read book, reminiscing about favorite pastimes, discussing current events or even quietly sharing space, a friendly companion helps foster social fulfillment. Changing circumstances, however, may have an impact on the presence of those once closest to us. […]

Essential Care Services for Chronic Conditions

Pursuing in-home care is a venture taken for various, personal reasons. For many, services are sought when assistance is needed to complete activities of daily living. Main activities include bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring in and out of a bed or a chair, eating, and continence, though in-home care can certainly offer much more. Not all […]

Happy New Year from Aqua Home Care

As we spend the remaining hours of 2022 enjoying festivities, relishing time with friends and family, and reflecting on the past year, we take into account the many experiences, trials, accomplishments and meaningful moments that have shaped us these last twelve months. Alongside reminiscing, we look ahead toward a whole new year of wonder and […]

Traditions, Togetherness and Time at Home this Holiday Season

Its the time of year for family, dear friends, gatherings, giving and reminiscing on fond memories of celebrations past. While there is much that makes us stop and think back upon this time of year, there is also much to prepare. Many can be found perusing the aisles of the supermarket, bakery, and deli in […]

A Season of Good Health: Handwashing Awareness Week

The beginning of December hosts National Handwashing Awareness week, and what better time than when germ exposure is high. With shoppers out and about collecting items for the holidays, partygoers gathering at venues for seasonal celebrations, and travelers flying and driving to enjoy the Florida winter, stores, restaurants and even homes can be quite crowded. […]

Diabetes Awareness: Types, Management and Support

Each November, the American Diabetes Association hosts Diabetes Awareness Month to encourage education, share resources, secure funding for research and show support. Throughout this month, focus is placed on raising awareness for diabetes and the impact it has on those affected. Its a disease that impacts millions of individuals in the United States alone, and […]

Regarding Care at Home: Questions for Consideration

The types of decisions we are faced with evolve with each life phase. Needs, lifestyles and even capabilities change over time. You may be at a point where you are deciding if in-home care is the right option for you. Perhaps an injury or health issue has come up unexpectedly, or maybe certain tasks have simply […]

Hurricane Ian: Plans and Protocol Before, During and After the Storm

Hurricane Ian made landfall over the southwest coast of Florida Wednesday afternoon as a category 4, bringing devastating conditions to several areas from high winds and catastrophic storm surge. The aftermath has many facing impacts from flooding, debris, downed power lines, uprooted trees, and building collapse. Millions remain without power as Ian continues inland through […]